DarkPAN over SSH using cpanminus

You want to set up a private CPAN, aka a DarkPAN, to put your own private modules in and deploy them as if they came from the official CPAN using cpanminus and its fantastic command cpanm.

The problem is that cpanminus works only with files, HTTP/HTTPS and FTP URIs. It is fine for all public uses, but for private ones, it is boring doing a setup of an HTTPS server with some authentication scheme, while SSH is so simple to use…

cpanm can use curl as backend and curl can handle scp/sftp if linked with libssh2. It’s OK, but too often in binary distros, curl is not linked with libssh2… and cpanm filters URIs based on the /^(ftp|https?|file):/ regexp… :( Too bad…

So as a quick hack and to avoid to depend on a specially compiled curl version, we modified cpanminus to make it support the scp protocol using the scp command. Quick hack visible on github.

On a server, create a darkpan user with a scponly shell. Using CPAN-Site set up a private CPAN as explained in its excellent documentation, at the root of the account.

Don’t forget to add the SSH public keys of all future clients of your DarkPAN into ~darkpan/.ssh/authorized_keys to avoid any password prompt.

Once your archive modules copied to ~darkpan/authors/id/M/MY/MYID and indexed via cpansite --site ~darkpan index, you can use the patched cpanminus module to access them:

cpanm -i --mirror scp://darkpan@example.com:. PrivateModule

Your private modules won’t be find on the official CPAN index, then cpanm will fall back to your mirror…

Easy, no?

If you want to test it, check out the cpanminus distribution then do a perl Makefile.PL --author, it will create the fat cpanm executable.

Technical note: to do a good work, it would be better to make cpanminus dispatches its mirror and get actions based on the protocol of the passed URI rather than on the availability of LWP, wget, curl or another module. One would avoid to patch each of these backends to detect file:// or scp://.

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